CSGO.net Gift Card EUROPE 50 EUR



CSGO.net is a web service dedicated to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins, stickers, and other collectibles available in the game. The website allows to conveniently trade skins of lower value for the more expensive ones or to play against other people for a chance to win ultra-rare in-game items.

This product adds 50 EUR to your CSGO.net account balance.

This gift card funds your account with an additional euros. You are free to spend them in any way you like. Open cases, buy scratchcards, sign skin contracts or engage in case battles with other players – the choice is yours.

CS:GO case opening

Spend your money on the cases for a chance of getting rare covert skins or even expensive knife skins. Unlock one of the many cases from the CS: GO game, including the standard Revolver Case, Operation Bravo Case, and Chroma 3 Case.

Battle other players

Raise the stake – this is where the fun begins. Duel other players in a case-opening battle. The rules are simple: you both open a case, and the one who draws the more expensive item gets them both. Do you have what it takes to win?

Scratch the scratchcards

Try your luck with the scratchcards. Find matching items in the drawn set and claim your reward, or enjoy a consolation prize – every scratch is a winning one. Join the CSGO.net and check out what skin is waiting for you. With the 50 euro you just added to your account, there is a high chance of getting something useful.

Earn bonus points

As you open cases on CSGO.net you will collect bonus points. Every time you open one of the featured cases on CSGO.net your account is rewarded with a certain amount of points which can be spent on even more cases. Use them to your advantage and improve the odds of getting something of greater value than what you went in with.